Sunday, January 05, 2014

'Blue is the Warmest Color' is an enthralling, intimate, intense, painfully real, passionately honest, and at three hours long, zooms right by. This is a truly modern love story, a simple story and character piece, and I never once got restless or clock-watched during the 180 minute running time (which I can't say for bigger more action packed movies the like of The Hobbit or Th Dark Knight). It is loyal to the comic book source material, but also adds on enough extra content that the film could really have been released a two singular works. Plus, as you may have heard, it also happens to have a couple of attention getting, NC-17 rated lesbian sex scenes. Having a couple of those in a three hour movie can never hurt...maybe that's what those other epics are missing.

Blue is the Warmest Colour , winner of the Palme d'Or at th Cannes Film Festival, is screening at the Mayfair tonight at 6:00pm and Tuesday January 7th at 6:15pm. Highly recommended...and not just because I am a fan of lesbians.

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