Monday, January 06, 2014

I have pretty much stopped listening to music all together. I hear music when I go to a concert, work at a concert, or watch a music based documentary...otherwise it's greatly dropped from my day to day life. Any multi-tasking time that was spent doing something else with music in the background or on the head-set has completely vanished. It's nothing personal against music, I have just become a fan of, addicted to, and fallen down the well of podcasts.

It all started with Nerdist, which lead to FEAB, then to Doug Loves Movies, to the Pof F. Tomkast, then Comedy Bang Bang, then Judge John Hodgman, then You Made It Weird. This L.A. based corner of the podcasting universe all crossover's with each other, and everyone involved seems increasingly ambitious despite full schedules. So, even with successful stand-up, writing, and teevee careers on the go, they keep finding time to make more podcasts.

The latest edition of podcasts that I'm making my way through is James Bonding, a limited series podcast from Nerdist alum Matt Mira and actor / writer Matt Gourley. This pair of 007 movie nerds are going to make their humorous and trivia filled way through each James Bond film, starting with Dr.No, then going to Skyfall, then jumping back and fourth chronologically until they reach the middle film. I'm not a James Bond super-fan, sometimes it all seems like bad puns and extreme chauvinism to me, and none-the-less I find this podcast thoroughly enjoyable.

And, as a Mayfair related PS, you can listen to episodes in prep for our presentation of four James Bond films this month (you can catch the very first in the series, Dr. No, tonight at 7:00pm).

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