Sunday, June 02, 2013

We opened up the Mayfair yesterday and this-afternoon for Ottawa's annual Door's Open event. Over the weekend, thousands of participants could explore landmarks, churches, businesses, buildings, houses, and all sorts of interesting architecture and hidden pieces of local history. There was a thought that folks might not be too interested in such a thing at the Mayfair since they could always come and check out the theatre while seeing a movie. We happily stood corrected on that thought.

Over the two days we showed off our pride and joy to 600 interested Ottawa residents. We had points of interest mapped out throughout the theatre, ranging from the stain glass windows, to an 80 year old seat, to an Alien. The real star attraction without a doubt was the tour of the projection booth. People love seeing behind the scenes of the movie presentation magic. So, for an extremely long line of inquisitive fans of cinema, I showed off our classic 35mm and shiny new DCP projectors for half a dozen or so at the time (it's pretty packed quarters in there). There were many a question, and to a person everyone seemed quite fascinated in how movies make it from production to the bi screen.

If you ever want a bit of an ego boost, co-own a theatre and then show it off to a bunch of compliment giving residents whoa are all thankful that the Mayfair is still there instead of a chain store or a parking lot taking its place.

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