Saturday, June 29, 2013

Tonight I finally got to partake in the delicious foods offered up at Union613. One of my bestest friends has been working there cooking up delicious dishes for a while now, where they make up a Canadian style Southern American menu. Unfortunately for me, but a plus for those of more of a carnivorous diet, the menu is mostly filled with lots of BBQ style duck and pig and catfish and lots and lots of meat. So, if that sounds like something that makes your mouth water, get yourself over to 315 Somerset Street West in Ottawa.

Good news though! If you are a pesky and picky vegan like I am, we can now eat at this fine establishment too. For my side I got the string beans, tasso, almonds & leek dressing. For my main course I got charred mirliton with quinoa, sunflower seeds, grilled veggies, roasted pepper pureĆ©, smoked tofu ‘mayo'. Go there and eat.

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