Sunday, June 23, 2013

It's not every day that you get to see music legend David Byrne biking to work. I got to witness such an amazing sight as I was walking to Jazz Fest from work to partake in the David Byrne / St Vincent concert. It was as an amazing of a show as I had hoped, featuring the two aforementioned performers and a giant horn section. And he did not fall under the David Bowie habit of only wanting to perform his latest music offerings, and hit the crowd with a trio of Talking Heads offerings through-out the night.

The constant risk of outdoor concerts is that the weather just might rear it's ugly head and cause havoc. It did just that tonight with a constantly looming storm that finally hit during the end of the night. A good portion of the crowd evacuated their lawn-chair safety for dryer ground. Those who didn't run away were treated to an extended encore that was again dramatically hit with some well lit rainfall paired up with excellent musical accompaniment.

Willie Nelson a couple nights ago and Wynton Marsalis next weekend. Summer is an excellent time for music in the Capital. I'm sure you are all jealous if you are not here.

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