Saturday, June 15, 2013

Watched the stand-up special Kristen Schaal: Live at the Filmore thanks to the magic of interweb streaming teevee and the Comedy Network. I'm not quite sure I can pinpoint exactly when I fell in love with the lovely young comedian...might have been when she stripped to reveal a Wonder Woman costume during a rant on the Daily Show. Then she was in The Muppets and Toy Story 3 and one of my favourite teevee shows in an age, Bob's Burgers. So many favourites!

This stand up special hits expected levels of comedic entertainment, and also reaches levels of bizarrely uncomfortable turns it's worthy of Andy Kaufman like comparisons. I loved it, especially the purposeful train-wreck twists taken as her performance reached it's conclusion. It's a bravely humorous turn at times that will surely make some viewers so squeamish to the point of running away from the program. I say that in a complimentary manner.

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