Sunday, November 24, 2013

My only disappointment in learning of the new Harley Quinn series is that Amanda Conner isn't drawing the whole thing. Having her co-write and provid covers for the New 52 roller derby girl style incarnation of the popular character, introduced in the Batman animated series in the 1990's, ain't half bad though. Plus, her writing partner is her husband Jimmy Palmiotti, who just happens to have co-written Jonah Hex / All Star Western (one of my favourite books) for years.

The series kicks off with a zero issue, a prelude to the ongoing series. In it, Harley breaks the fourth wall in true Ferris Bueller / Deadpool fashion. She talks to Amanda and Jimmy as she delves through an all-star list of different artists, trying to find the best person to draw her book. The story goes that the writers walked around the San Diego Comic Con and recruited a bunch of friends and peers to participate with a page for the book. It's quite an impressive gang that they collcted to assist, including Art Baltazar (Tiny Titans), Darwyn Cooke (The Spirit), Sam Kieth (Maxx), living legend Walt Simonson (Thor), a very rare piece of non-cover work from Adam Hughes, and more!

I really loved this zero issue. It was original and fun, it was something new and took some risks. All compliments that are far too rare when talking about books from one of the two biggest comic companies on the planet.

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