Saturday, January 26, 2013

Currently am in the midst of a day-job gig helping set up stuff for Winterlude (y'know...lights that will point at things and pretty up the surroundings). Winterlude, for those not in the know, is the celebration of all manner of winter stuff as celebrated by the people's of the capital city of this fine country of Canada.

I do not dislike the cold or snowy things, but am often perplexed by the thought of going out of ones way to be outside in such weather. I am only out in this weather because I am being paid to do so. Surprisingly, many people go out of their way, under their own free will, to freeze to death and partake in various activities in -20 surroundings. Can you imagine trying to explain such things to pioneer type folks who didn't have the luxery of heating and electricity and winter months mant fending off certain death? I am also not sure what a lude is.

The ice sculptures sure are impressive though.

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