Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I'll soon be on an airplane headed east to the wonderful land of Nova Scotia. I'm in that last minute phase of trying to make sure that I've remembered everything. One of the things we're doing out there is attending a wedding. I luckily just realized that I remembered to pack the suit, but not the shirt to go with it. I of course have comics to read on the trip, that's the most important thing.

While out there, the scheduling fates are also making it possible for me to be in attendance for the Dartmouth Comic Arts Festival. It's a good ole' fashioned one day actual comic book focused comic book convention. There will be all kinds of cool comic pro writers and artists folks there selling their comic book wares, and it's free to get in! I'm stopping to pick up some Zomkeys comics from my editor on the way to the airport. If you're in the Dartmouth / Halifax hood this weekend, do drop by and say hi.

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