Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hopping the ole' Greyhound and headed towards the exotic land of Montreal for a pair of awesome events. First there is my grand reunion with the Fantasia Film Fest, which I haven't been to in a number of years thanks to my annual Blues Fest gig. This year I guess Fantasia is happening a little bit later, and hence I can attend. What's even better, is that thanks to my Mayfair association, I get in on the free! The only horrible thing is that I can only stay there for a couple days, but I'll get in a couple of viewings at least.

Secondly, I am going to a live performance from the Muppets at Just for Laughs. My brain has been at a constant state of trying to accept that I am in fact going to something that is more or less The (actual) Muppet Show. If my heart doesn't explode from pure unbelievable joy, I will write of that event soon.

I will also be visiting some ex-Ottawa Derby family who have moved to Montreal, but I cannot lie that all that is on my mind is Muppets. Watching The Muppet Show on a lil' black and white TV is my earliest memory, people involved in the production of Muppets are heroes to me, and I have Kermit tattooed on my arm. I am a lil' bit excited.

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