Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Look! A token babe dressed as slave girl Leia shot. Good times. Good times. It's much over-due (considering that I've been back on Canadian soilsince very late at night on July 24th), but here's my San Diego Comic Con update. I'll just break things up day by day so things aren't too mashed up in a mess of random yelling 'This is the coolest thing ever!' over and over again.

Wed 19th -

This is supposedly the preview night that only 4 day pass holders and pro's (that's me!) get into. Evidently there's a lot of 4 day pass holders and pro's. Upon walking into the main area of the Comic Con, one's mind is blown. I think I may have actually had a small stroke and / or heart attack. That might have just been the sun-stroke though. It's hard to explain how big of a gathering it is, except to say that it's geek for as far as the eye could see. Met Mike Mignola (but no sketch dammit). Did get sketches from genius animator BillPlympton, Scott Kurtz (PVP), the Penny Arcade guys, and the highlight of the night for me, Scott Shaw. Gushed to him that Captain Carrot was my favorite comic when I was a wee lad and he was nice enough to gimmie a sketch.

That evening I accompanied my comic artist friend (and roommate for the week) Tom Fowler to the nearby hotel where all the pro's hang out. We were staying in a condo a mere few blocks from the con, very convenient. Met Judd Wynick and managed to remain pleasant and refrain from saying 'Man...that bringing back Jason Todd story-line sure was stupid'. Then, strangely enough, met my high school gym teacher's son. What's the chances of that? And, met a fine Austrailian fellow named Shane who's writing some Zombie stuff for IDW.

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