Sunday, October 06, 2013

Got my latest delivery of comic books this morning. It included 4 comics from Image, 3 from Dark Horse, 1 from IDW, and 1 from Valiant. Nothing from the big two of Marvel and DC. And in my library book reading I've stumbled into just reading Archie Comics most the time it seems. A very different comic book reading world then my childhood or high school days.

It's evolving and changing reading habits such as this that always have me point out to folks who don't read comics 'cause they don't like super-hero's, that there is plenty of diversity of selections out there. If you don't like cop shows, that doesn't mean that there's nothing for you to watch on teevee. If you don't like Fast & Furious movies, that doesn't mean that there aren't cinematic offerings out there for you to take in. You can easily find a comic to read in any genre that might be on interst to you at a comic shop, bookstore, library or online.

One of the comics that I just got was the off-kilter super-hero comedic adventures of the third issue of Quantum & Woody from Valiant. My friend Tom drew it, which means that you should go and buy it.

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