Thursday, May 09, 2013

Ottawa Comiccon hits the capital this weekend. Last years event was a resounding success for all involved, so I'm very much looking forward to their second year out at presenting a big ole' geek fest in my home town.

Also of note, we're presenting two special late late show horror premieres at the Mayfair in association with the Ottawa Comiccon. On Friday May 11th at 11:30pm we're screening Blood for Irina, with director (and Fangoria magazine editor) Chris Alexander in attendance. On Saturday May 12th at 11:30pm we're screening Pinup Dolls on Ice with directors Geoff Klein and Melissa Mira in attendance.

I've acquired so many friends who are artists or merchants or attend a con for various other reasons, that I seem to spend most of my time chatting and catching up with them, with the occasional q&a panel and bit of shopping thrown into the mix. That's why I manage to get in on the free to these things now-a-days, either through Mayfair connections, or because a film I worked on is being screened, or as a guests +1, or this year because we are shooting a geek themed doc. I've paid my geek dues, I can't feel bad about not having to stand in line any more. See you at the con. I'll be the one trying to figure out how to steal the Batmobile.

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