Friday, May 03, 2013

I'm not kidding...the day before Free Comic Book Day, I think I get almost excited as a lil kid on Christmas Eve awaiting for the arrival of Santa (or more specifically, gifts from Santa) the next morning. For those not in the know, Free Comic Book Day is the annual celebration of comic books where you can walk into a comic book store and walk out with specially published, and absolutely free comic books. The holiday (yes...I include it right up there with Christmas and Halloween and Thanksgiving) is in it's eleventh year, and it has become a much anticipated day for everyone who works in or loves the world of comic books. Tomorrow, Saturday May 4th, be sure to drop by a local comic bookstore and get yourself some comics to read. While you are there, take a browse around and see if there's anything else you might enjoy to purchase. Then go and read free comics! What is better then free comics? Nothing. That's what.

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