Friday, May 31, 2013

At first glance, a movie like Spring Breakers might seem like pure exploitation cinema. And it is. The story of three trouble-making girls and one religious do-gooder friend and their spring break adventures features gratuitous nudity, graphic sex, bad morals, drug use and gun filled brutal violence. It also happens to be an enthralling drama, an exciting crime story, and has moments of clever laugh out loud comedy. The casting of some Disney teen idol actresses gets beyond the publicity gaining gimmick and shows off the all four of the quartet have some actual acting chops. And if the exploits of girls in the midst of summer fun criminality wasn't enough for you, James Franco also is on hand to steal the show as a charismatic wrapping drug kingpin by the name of alien. I dare say that it might even stand shoulder to shoulder with other similar genre motion pictures the like of Trainspotting and Reservoir Dogs.

Spring Breakers screens at the Mayfair tonight at 9:15pm with follow-up shows the next four evenings.

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