Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tomorrow night marks the première of the seventh annual Killer63 short horror film festival at the Mayfair. Time does have a tendency to fly, and it blows my mind a bit that all of a sudden we're up to our seventh Killer63 event. I don't have the exact statistics on hand, but I bet that we've probably screened nearly 100 short films in that time. The one night mini-fest began with a 63 day time-frame to produce the short, and was all local Ottawa filmmakers. It has since dropped the 63 day rule, and now screens films from accross Canada and the States, international offerings, and of course we continue to screen local talent as well.

Tomorrow night we'll screen fourteen shorts in all, ranging from under a minute in length to 13 minutes. We'll have shorts on hand from Ottawa filmmakers of course, some from elsewhere in Canada, and one from Italy. One is Total Fury from Quebec (pictured above), it is a few years old, but we've never screened it and it is awesome (awesome in a hilariously offensive girl-power kinda way).

Killer63 year seven - Sunday October 28th at the Mayfair - One night only!

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