Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Mayfair countdown to Halloween continues with more frightfully awesome programming...

Leatherface takes claim on it's poster that it is "The Most Controversial Horror Film Ever". That's quite a heady statement to make, especially in a world in which various slasher, cannibal and revenge grindhouse movies exist. They wrote this on their poster because the sequel was the final horror film threatened with an X before the NC-17 rating was instigated.

This third film in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise comes from director Jeff Burr (whose filmography is strangely top-heavy with sequels: Stepfather II, Puppet Master 4, Pumpkinhead II, Puppetmaster 5). Writer David J Schow worked on the 1990's super-hero goth classic The Crow, but is strangely enough also horror sequel inclined with the likes of Nightmare on Elm Street 5, Critters 3 & Critters 4 on his resume.

The film stars geek genre veteran Ken Foree...go look at his imdb page, he's been in everything from Dawn of the Dead to X-Files to Devil's Rejects. Although I'm sure he'd rather you neglected this part of his resume, TCMIII also features future Oscar nominee, Lord of the Rings icon and David Cronenberg mainstay, Viggo Mortensen. And of course this cinematic treasure also features a really big scary guy with a chainsaw killing people.

Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III - Monday October 29th - 9:30pm at the Mayfair

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