Tuesday, October 09, 2012

A year in and the special event to celebrate the anniversary of re-booting the universe from DC Comics is a batch of Zero issues to cover their whole line of books.

For those not in the geeky know, a zero issue serves as a (theoretically) stand-alone story that tells the origin of a comic book character.

The biggest revelation from the event, the question on everyone's mind that has now been answered...yes, Robin has been ret-conned into a costume that has always been accompanied by pants! Considering the decades of teasing, bad press and criticism that the character has taken for his wardrobe choice, this is a long over-due update. Especially when one takes into account that Gotham City is much too cold of a city to not be wearing pants in in the fall and winter months, this is a welcome continuity change indeed. I applaud the decision for Robin to have a slightly more logical choice in attire for a vigilante crime-fighter...but I still think that Superman looks stupid without the red underwear/outerwear.

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