Monday, September 10, 2007

Y'know...sometimes behind the scenes pictures just aren't all that action packed. Especially when it's outside during the day, and hence you don't have a whole bunch of lights and other such equipment mucking up the area. Here we are working on re-make of the 1959 Roger Corman produced classic, 'Attack of the Giant Leeches'. This photo was taken behind Ray Besharah (sound), Jodi Pittman (camera), Brett Kelly (directin') and myself (hiding in the background looking through the script, probably moments away from yelling for folks to be quiet on set).

The original was also watched by the crew of the Satellite of Love on MST3K back in '92:

Dr. Forrester:
Oh sorry, Frank, I left the leech on too long! Well, Frank... Frank?
[to the leech]
Well, now that you've sucked all the blood out of Frank, what are you gonna do now?

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