Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Just found out that Mike Wieringo, one of my most favorite of comic book artists of the past 15 years or so, died on Sunday. He was the awfully young age of 44, and passed away thanks to a heart attack. Which is extra depressing 'cause seemingly all of the writings online from his still in shock friends mention how incredibly healthy he was.

I became an instant fan during his Flash / Impulse stuff. Then he went over to Robin and then became in my humble opinion the best of the modern era Spider-man artists. You can look him up on Wiki or just type his name into Google to check out his bio and his art. Won't bother repeating all that info here.

Despite having attended geek fests as nearby as in my home town to all the way to California for the glories of the San Diego Comic Con, I never did get a chance to meet him. Never got a chance to chat with him and get a sketch. His career and life have been cut tragically short. And that makes me sad. I haven't yet read the latest issue of 'Spider-man and the Fantastic Four' that he drew, going to go do that now.

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