Saturday, July 06, 2013

The best part about having a day job which involves stuff like being on the lighting crew for events like Blues Fest is getting paid to be introduced to a bunch of new music. This event in particular is one of the largest concert series in North America, located here in Ottawa, running from July 4th to 14th and hosting hundreds of musicians (I don't think that that is an exaggeration). Especially in the past few years, I listen to very little in the way of music. I spend all my auditory intake of arts and culture listening to podcasts and audiobooks.

Last night I got to point lights at the Irish American band Flogging Molly. Like many band of this sub-genre, they seemed to have two offerings, somber slow paced bar music and foot stomping fast paced bar music. They were a great amount of fun, there was a lot of green attire and many Irish flags flying. If you ever have the opportunity, I recommend seeing them in a live setting very much. Look out for mosh pits.

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