Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I love Weezer. I think that it's pretty safe to say that they are my favourite band. Tonight I got to wear my Sheezer shirt while pointing a follow-spotlight at guitarist Brian Bell as Weezer performed at Blues Fest. I got to have a nice conversation with their lighting director who had never heard of Sheezer before, and was now excited to look them up. As he assigned which crew member was to be on which band member, I got to smirk and assure him that I already knew their names. Even though I had to concentrate on the task at hand, I enjoyed the night greatly. Weezer knows how to put on a show. Afterward I was thanked for doing a good job, and he handed me the set list. A very nice souvenir that I will frame and add to the wall next to the last set list from the last show they did in Ottawa. I didn't get to help hold up an outhouse as lead singer Rivers climbed it and sung from its roof like I did a couple years was none the less still a greatly memorable night of rock n roll.

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