Sunday, April 14, 2013

When I first heard of Warm Bodies, I didn't really get expectations too high, despite my usual enjoyment of films with zombies in them. I figured that it would be another in the weird and unwanted Twilight sub-genre of movies that have come out on the heels of those sparkly vampire movies, like Red Riding Hood and Beastly. It most decidedly is not, and is actually a quite intelligent and original zom-rom-com (although based on a book, so not wholly original).

There are both fast moving zombies and plot developments new to the zombie mythos within the movie. Which means that there are zombie fans complaining about the legitimacy of the motion picture, many I'm sure who are whining about it even though they haven't sen it yet. What these horror fan-boys must remember is that zombies aren't real, and therefor there can't really be rules as to how they are supposed to act. There are rules as to how lions or airplanes act, because those things are actually in existence. Zombies have made quite a come-back to movies and books and video games in the past decade or so, so when they can an interesting plot point twist thrown at them, I am all for it. I love the traditional George Romero zombie movie. One of the highlights of my life in fact was when I visited the graveyard where the opening scenes of Night of the Living Dead was shot. That doesn't mean that I fear change though.

You can check out this new take on the brain eating horror movie mainstay when Warm Bodies screens at the Mayfair on Monday April 15th and Tuesday the 16th at 9:30pm.

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