Saturday, April 13, 2013

One of the best things about being a roller derby side-kick is getting to tag along and help out on their road games. In the past few years I've traveled into the States with them to Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, New York, and Pennsylvania as a non-skating official (meaning I help keep track of the score and other stuff like that). What better way would I get to visit our friends to the south, and such cultural meccas as Sudbury and Scarborough in out homeland?

Up bright and early today to jump in to the Rideau Valley Roller Girls party bus and head across the border to Manchester, New Hampshire. Our Vixens will take battle against the Skate Free or Die All Stars at 7:00pm. As long as I don't get stopped at the border because they think I'm a law-breaker named Jamar (almost happened), good times should be had by all.

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