Friday, March 22, 2013

As long as you are doing something cool, it's ok to be missing out on something cool. So, this Saturday while I'm off Toronto-ing for some roller derby, I will be missing out on an excellent triple bill at the Mayfair.

Although numerically they are chapters II, II and IV, the Star Trek films Wrath of Khan, Search for Spock and The Voyage Home have com to be known as the Star Trek motion Picture Trilogy. Unlike all the other self contained plots of the rest of the Star Trek film franchise, this trio of films serve as an over-all beginning, middle and ending of a grande tale. Many Trekkies see the Wrath of Ricardo Montalban's vengeful Khan as the pinnacle of movie Trek's, Search for Spock features death and rebirth (spoiler alert!) and a Klingon Christopher Lloyd, and The Voyage Home has time travel, comedy and whales. There are very few better trilogy sci-fi movie ways to spend an afternoon...maybe just one other way, and we aren't allowed to screen those lightsabre movies.

The Star Trek triple bill begins bright and early at 11:30am, doors open at 11:00am.

PS - The awesome Star Trek poster above is from an Alamo Drafthouse screening, as designed by It's one of those limited edition dealy's though, so if you want one you'll likely have to scour the ebay.

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