Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Read the first issue of Superior Spider-man today, which ushers in the Doctor Octopus brain in the Peter Parker body era of our formally amazing hero.

Dan Slott provides another fine comic book script filled with action and intrigue and this new Spidey humour twist of a mad scientist trying to do good...but still kinda doing it for all the wrong reasons. I really like this storyline, and my only qualm with it is that I have a feeling that despite the hype it's not going to last for all that long. I hope that Marvel lets this storyline sit and develop for a while before the inevitable happens, and and Peter Parker returns from beyond the grave and ends up back in his own body and mind. In the mean time I hope that this crazy mad scientist turned wannabe hero gets to cause some trouble and instigate some page-turning stories before he ends up back as the bad guy.

I will gladly and happily stand geek corrected if this is actually more of a Wally West as Flash thing and Peter Parker actually stays away for a couple years...I find that highly unlikely in this age of Marvel syncing things up with blockbuster movies as much as they can though. For now, I remain team Superior.

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