Friday, January 25, 2013

Everyone (well, not everyone, there are always disagreeable sorts on any given subject) seems to think that the latest in the long line of James Bond films is the best one ever produced. I do not disagree with this thought.

I am not what you might call a 007 geek, there are some highlights of course, but over-all I find the series hovers somewhere between offensive and goofy. It's a horrible word I know, but I am also not the first to think that the character is a little bit rape-y in his sexual conquests over the past few decades. Sean Connery's original incarnation was somwhat of a psychopath, Roger Moore was like a handsy drunken uncle at a family reunion, most don't remember Timothy Dalton or the guy who did a single film, and Pierce Brosnan's 007 films all kinda' blur together.

Although I am not a fan of the series, I quite enjoy the current Daniel Craig run with the character. It's a shocking and argument inducing statement for some, but I don't think the Bond films have ever been as good as they are now. I think Skyfall is hands down the best in over-all quality film of any Bond story ever made. I also think that in the age old immature schoolyard 'who would win in a fight' line of questioning, that Craig would destroy all previous Bond's who came before him.

We start our run of Skyfall tonight at the Mayfair at 6:30pm. It is every bit as good as you have hard it is.

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