Thursday, November 29, 2012

We've been showing the trailer for the new horror anthology V/H/S for a little while now at the Mayfair, and it alone does a very good job at scaring the hell out of me. The found footage genre isn't for every movie fan, but when at its best, I am all in. With this style of cinematic fake reality, I have the ability to completely kick in the suspension of disbelief portion of my brain. I believe that a trio of aspiring documentary filmmakers are being stalked by a witch in the woods, or that a suburban couple could be haunted by paranormal activity.

V/H/S combines the modern found footage cinematic style with the mostly untested now-a-days genre of the horror anthology. I grew up on anthology films the like of Creepshow, Twilight Zone and Tales from the Darkside, and tv shows like Amazing Stories, Storyteller and Tales from the Crypt. I'm pretty sure you can directly link my love of anthology storytelling to my life-long worship and readership of comic books, which often feature back-up stories, or a number of short contained stories in one issue.

I haven't seen V/H/S yet, but the trailer has me hooked, and I can give you a pretty decent guarantee that I will watch in a terrified state. Join us at the Mayfair for this acclaimed Sundance and Fantasia Film Fest favourite, the best way to see a horror movie is in a theatre with an equally anticipatory and frightened crowd.

V/H/S - Ottawa Premiere! - November 30th at 9:15pm, December 1st at 8:45pm, 3rd and 4th at 9:15pm - only at the Mayfair

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