Monday, November 26, 2012

We have had a whirlwind of a fundraising weekend on the ole' interwebs. The online portion of the Mayfair's fundraising campaign has now passed not only our initial $15,000 goal, but also our $20,000 bonus level goal we set on indiegogo!

Everything raised via indiegogo for the rest of the week ($355 extra so far) goes towards the excellent folks at the Canadian Red Cross

We will continue to collect funds in-house for the next week, as we creep ever closer towards the over-all $45,000 goal. The conclusion of our fundraising digital projector quest will conclude at the grand dual 80th anniversary Mayfair / Scarface screenings next weekend, December 1st and 2nd (the 2nd is our actual birthday).

Although I can't make an official statement just yet, I'm pretty sure you want to be in attendance for a good-news announcement on Saturday or Sunday (plus, seeing an 80 year old movie on our 80th birthday will be kind of amazing).

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