Thursday, April 11, 2013

The negative in regards to the latest incarnation of the long and diverse Hulk mythos is that he wears a ridiculously ugly suit of techno-armour that looks like it could've been torn right from a Michael Bay Transformers character design. The positive is that it is written by Mark Waid (2012 Eisner award winning writer of Daredevil) and that this story arc is drawn by living legend (and creator of Beta Ray Bill, one of my favourite characters) Walt Simonson.

Hulk has had many incarnations, ranging from a suit wearing Las Vegas enforcer to a gladiatorial space Conan to the rampaging Jekyll & Hyde monster that most know and love. This latest twist on the comic book icon explores the notion that Bruce Banner is tired of hiding from the law, walking around the dessert and washing dishes for a living in order to try to stay out of people's way and avoid turning into a big green monster and smashing things. He is one of the most brilliant people on the planet, and he's tired of Tony Stark and Reed Richards getting all the praise and reward and getting to live in awesome New York City buildings. Luckily, Bruce Banner has reached a level of being able to reign in the Hulk and only transform when he wants to transform. So, he goes to SHIELD (Marvel's super spy organization if you are somehow not in the know of that) and suggests a proposal. He gets all the financing and resources that being a scientist for the SHIELD organization brings, and in trade they get to use the Hulk as a weapon against evil.

In honour of artist Walt Simonson being on board for a few issues, this is a Thor guest starring story. And something super awesome happens on the last page. I will not tell you what that thing is though, or even hint towards what it might be, because spoilers are evil. Just, y'know...avoid the internet until you read the issue if you want to remain surprised. If you type in Hulk to Google I'm sure spoilers will be quick and unavoidable and bring on smashing like levels of anger.

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