Monday, February 04, 2013

If there is one thing that I am sure of, it is that Christopher Walken is awesome. Whether it's in Annie Hall or Batman Returns or True Romance or Catch Me If You Can or hell...Kangaroo Jack or Gigli, Mr. Walken always brings his A game. I always appreciate an actor who will seemingly do just about anything in whatever cinematic sub-genre, I never see it as them being greedy for more pay-cheques or uncaring towards the quality of the script. For actors like Christopher Walken or Michael Caine (another great who are in such peculiar low quality work like Jaws IV), I look at their filmography and see it as an actor acting and being their best in whatever they do.

Another movie in which Christopher Walken does his best is the dramatic character piece about a famous NYC classical music group, A Late Quartet. Walken delivers a rather brilliant and quietly powerful performance as the senior member of the group that is in the midst of falling apart due to soap opera quality twists and turns. Every movie would be better thanks to Christopher Walken being an actor in it.

The Mayfair has A Late Quartet for one more screening, tonight at 7:00pm.

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