Friday, September 27, 2013

Tomorrow night the unexpected cult phenomenon that is Sharknado invades the Mayfair Theatre for a one night only extra special screening extravaganza. Booking bad movies like this is always a risky endeavor. Sometimes patrons are in on the joke, sometimes they logically would rather actually save their money to spend on an actual good movie. I have a good feeling about this one though. I think we may have gotten a hold of it before people are tired of hearing about it. The concept of sharks dropping on California from a tornado is still a comedic piece of horror plot that might attract a morbidly curious audience.

If you a brave (or foolish) enough for a potentially hilarious B-grade drive-in classic kinda' sea-monster filled night at the movies, join us at the Mayfair tomorrow night at 9:00pm for Sharknado.

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