Wednesday, September 04, 2013

It only took three more planes and many more hours then initially planned, but I eventually made it down to Atlanta, Georgia. Our first plane was broken, then we couldn't get to the back-up plane in time, so had to wait for a third plane. Then we missed the connecting plane in Toronto, meaning it took nearly a half dozen planes to get us down into the States. The horrible customer service and ineptitude of Air Canada made me miss the friendly employees and unlimited almonds of Porter.

We braved crossing over to the wrong side of the tracks to search out a Wal Mart for snacks. Where I was able to search out precious unfrosted Pop Tarts (vegan approved), that I can never seem to find back home.

I know that a lot of movies and teevee programs film in Atlanta, and I'm pretty sure I recognize our hotel hallway from something I've seen recently. Some crime genre kinda thing where someone hid in an elevator, just missing being caught by the bad guys. I can't place it and I'm sure it will drive me insane over my visit until I figure it out.

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