Thursday, July 19, 2012

One of the blessings and curses of being a geek who likes geeky things is that people give you their old geeky stuff that they find around their houses and they don't want it anymore. Most of the time due to aforementioned geekyness, and because I am weak and cannot resist the treasure, I keep said stuff instead of refusing and telling them to just throw it away or drop off at Value Village.

Often what this means is that I get given a big box of tattered comics that someone doesn't want filling up space in a closet. Or if not their closet, more correct of a statement would be that they are a box of tattered comics filling up space in their parents closet. I can't stand the thought of a box of books hitting the recycle bin, so I scoop them up. Often I already have most of the books second handed along to me, especially if they're coming from a friend of the same age. The box will have a lot of McFarlane Spidey, X-Men books, Lobo, Death of Superman, early Image stuff and other completely valueless collector's items that didn't turn out to be that. I end up re-gifting these to friends kids who will appreciate the reading material (when kid friendly...Lobo doesn't work so well to pass on to an 8 year old).

Sometimes though you get handed a true piece of modern pop-culture treasure in these situations. A friends of mine was cleaning out some stuff from her parents place, found something awesome, and was kind enough to pass it along to me. In the bottom of a toy box, possibly unopened for decades, was a Muppet Show board game. The box alone makes it worthy to keep on a shelf, but as an added bonus it has all of it's pieces. Meaning that I can actually play the thing! I've never been the kind of geek to keep toys in their boxes, so sooner or later this board game will indeed be played.

If you find any similar treasure hiding in the bottom of a long forgotten toy box and don't want it anymore...maybe something in an A-Team or Battlestar Galactica board game motif...please feel free to let me know. I will take it.

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