Tuesday, July 03, 2012

The latest in my never-ending and likely futile attempt to try and catch up on movie library viewing was Battlestar Galactica: The Plan. Battlestar is great science fiction, but specific genre aside, also happens to be one of the best television shows in recent history. A rarity in which the remake is leaps and bounds better than its initial source material. The original Battlestar was nothing more than a wannabe 70's Star Wars clone, the re-make leaves it's predecessor in the dust.

The Plan is a weird bit of a tv movie amongst the modern Battlestar continuity. It definitely doesn't stand on its own, and would be complete confusion for anyone who hasn't watched pretty much every episode and knows them well. And for fans who have watched religiously, The Plan is pretty much an unnecessary series of plot points and doesn't help shed lights on any important unanswered questions or mysteries. It's also not a prequel or sequel, but more of an inbetweenquel, which makes it even more puzzling as to how to watch it in the over-all aspect of an ongoing (though now gone of course) television series.

If unfamiliar with Battlestar, this would be a horrible place to jump in. If you are a super-fan, you could watch it, but don't really have to. Though seeing the universe for the first time in a while did make me look forward to the next Battlestar tv movie, which I think comes out next year. Hopefully it is a more worthy addition to the re-make legacy.

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