Sunday, July 15, 2012

Blues Fest came to a close with a performance from Metric. I've worked or been on the Blues Fest crew the last number of years, so I've gotten to watch the rise in popularity and fame of the band. Years ago they were an indie Canadian band performing in the middle of the afternoon on a small stage in front of a handful of fans. Now they have songs on the soundtracks of big-time Hollywood movies, play the main stage and headline festivals

I didn't get to point a follow-spot at them this year, I was occupied working on tearing down the B stage as they performed. Meaning that I got paid while getting to hear pretty much the whole concert perfectly. Much of the set-list was from Synthetica, their latest album. Sometimes that might piss off a listening audience, but it was a great show all around. Someday maybe I'll get to go and actually sit and just enjoy a show from one of my favourite bands. But I can't complain too much about getting to listen to them on the free, while getting a pay-cheque to boot.

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