Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I don't watch a ton of tv. In fact, I don't even have tv per-say. I mean, there is a rather nice tv in my living room, but it is used mainly for watching the occasional movie or tv program on disc. That and talk shows, a whole bunch of late night talk shows.

Not that I don't enjoy tv, I'm always quick to come to it's defence as a showcase of excellent entertainment whenever some jerk looks down their nose at the medium and claims to not watch tv because it's all garbage. Now, there is indeed a lot of garbage on tv. We are in the midst of some of the more horrible, dumb and offensive programming ever produced. We are also strangely enough in a golden age of some of the best written and produced tv shows ever.

There are in fact so many great shows that I think it's pretty much impossible to keep up. Keeping up with tv is pretty much impossible I think...unless you drop everything else, read no books, watch no movies, and manage to push aside all family, social and career obligations and only watch tv. If you can do that I envy you, because I still have to catch up on Rescue Me, Mad Men, Big Love, Spartacus and a few dozen other shows.

One of the few shows that I'm up to date on is Breaking Bad, of which I watched the fifth season première last night. Breaking Bad is episodic television at it's best. It's not where you should go for feel good moments at it's best, but for storytelling and character development and insane cliffhangers I don't think anything on television can match it.

Bryan Cranston made a claim on David Letterman a few months back that the season four cliffhanger would blow our minds. And he was not wrong in that statement. The long months in-between seasons has been worth the wait, and the latest episode was another prime example of television at it's best. I have a feeling sometime in the near future Bryan will be on a talk show again telling us that our minds are going to be blown, this time by the series finale, and he will again not be lying.

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