Sunday, July 08, 2012

The bad news is that I worked a long eighteen hour day at Blues Fest. The good news is that as per my hope I got to work on Alice Cooper's stage.

Alice was sharing the stage with Iron Maiden, an equally over-the-top and special effect assisted band. So on top of the usual lights and instruments and various other cases of equipment to unload off of trucks and set-up, there were also cases filled with monsters and deadly weapons.

I didn't have any real excitement about working an Iron Maiden show, especially since I had already done that a couple years ago. Their monsters and flames and Satan worship aren't un-entertaining, but they were at Blues Fest already a couple years ago. Alice Cooper is also a bit more of a cultural icon, and has a much better song library to choose from. From up in the air in the follow-spot tower I got to work / watch the show. It was excellent and just what I had hoped it would be. Alice had a snake, an electric chair, he killed a member of the paparazzi with a sword, there was a giant Frankenstein like monster, and Alice was decapitated via guillotine. Now that is what you call rock n roll.

Most importantly, as recently mentioned and hoped for, I am now one degree of professional separation from Kermit the Frog and the rest of the Muppets.

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