Monday, July 23, 2012

I think that Sarah Polley is a true talent, and I find it very admirable that she is sticking to her Canadian homeland to act in others films and to direct her own. She also doesn't shy away from non-artsy indie fare, and she really won me over after I saw her in a number of interviews in regards to the Dawn of the Dead re-make wherein she spoke about how there was absolutely no way that she could be kept away from participating in such a thing.

Tonight I watched her latest directorial effort, Take This Waltz. As I predicted, it was a very well made film, and it left me feeling depressed and infuriated. Not so surprisingly Michelle Williams turns in another impressive performance, but by stories end I just wanted to grab her character by the shoulders and shake her and yell at her for being such a selfish horrible person. It's always the tough line in telling a story like this one where the central character goes through a journey of unlikeability, smashing through more pleasant characters that you are rooting for along the way. No one here does a bad job, and there are some very smart directorial touches. The films also features Seth Rogan and Sarah Silverman in supporting roles (two favourites of mine), both getting to show off some dramatic acting chops. A well worth seeing film, much better than any standard Sarah Jessica Parker romantic comedy, with the only warning being that you might stumble out of the theatre with some faith in humanity lost.

After that feel-good, ringing endorsement I'm sure you'll be glad to know that you have two more chances to see Take This Waltz at the Mayfair, Tuesday and Wednesday at 7pm. A lovely evening of frustrated depressing anger at the cinema, perfect for a date night!

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