Sunday, July 01, 2012

Happy Canada Day! Because I live in our nation's capital, I have no real interest in heading outside to walk around downtown all day amongst a few thousand patriotic folks followed by a fireworks conclusion. Not out of laziness, but I've just been there and done that. And as much fun as fireworks are to some, I figure that there seem to have been no advancement in the entertainment science of it since they were created. If you've seen one set of fireworks, you have kind of seen 'em all in my humble opinion.

Instead some friends and I will get together and watch a couple of Canadian content comedies, Strange Brew and Ghostbusters. Ghostbusters might not seem like Canadian cinema at first glance, but do remember that it's written and directed by Canadians, and two of the four Ghostbuster actors hail from our homeland. And really, is there ever that good of an excuse not to watch Ghostbusters?

Wear some red, get together with some friends, have some fun, eat some food, and celebrate the bestest country in the whole wide world.

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