Thursday, July 12, 2012

Next month Kevin Smith will drop into Ottawa for one of his stand-up / q&a / podcast mash-up shows. Fans of potty humour, comic books and Star Wars jokes will be able to spend a night out at the theatre with their geeky former corner-store clerk on the verge of retirement (maybe) foul-mouthed hockey jersey clad movie-making hero.

We at the Mayfair have tried in the past to get Kevin to drop by for one of his live shows or to introduce one of his movies in-between one of his tours. The closest we have gotten is a bit of interweb communication, where Kevin said he'd drop by if his touring ever brought him nearby.

So now we are in the situation where Kevin will be near by, and we are not shameless enough to not resort to guilt tripping and spreading the word to the Kevin Smith fan-base army. We put out the word on the Twitter, and it even got a 'like' from the man himself.

We shall see. If Kevin Smith actually follows through on the offer made to drop by I will be very impressed. I just hope he lets us know with enough time to book one of his films. Ideally I think it would be great to show Clerks and Red State, his debut and his most recent work (and I think his best). If not he might just have to drop by and introduce The Room or Rocky Horror or something else decidedly non-Smithian.

If you know Kevin, please feel free to peer pressure him on our behalf.

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