Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Visiting a friend in Moncton for a few days. No offense meant to the fine folks who live here...but there is nothing to do here. Nothing. If you are ever feeling bored in your home town, I have a feeling that in any situation on any day, your town has more happening than Moncton. They do have one near death multiplex, and one modern multiplex. So, my friend and I went to see Expendables 3 (not as good as part 2), and Lucy (which was all kinds of Luc Besson / Scarlett Johansson levels of action packed bizarre sci-fi awesome). And, in a strange merchandising twist, you can buy little Lego-y Transformers for $2 bucks at the candy bar. We don't have toys in cereal boxes anymore, but we do have toys to go along with your over-priced popcorn purchase? What a bizarre world we are in. None-the-less, we of course each bought one.

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