Monday, August 25, 2014

The only time I venture away from Mayfair Theatre movie watching is when I have a free pass for something,or I use Visa points to attend a special event. Tonight, we watched the highly geek anticipated (or, I'm sure also geek besmirched on certain areas of the internets) season 8 premiere of Doctor Who. I love gatherings like this, if for no other reason that it proves that there is still a market for getting people off their couches and out of their basements to be entertained. This is even more fascinating, because this has already been on teevee. None-the-less, ticket buying Doctor Who fans still showed up in giant numbers. Take that home entertainment! Oh, the feature length premiere special was great. Looking forward to this season with Peter Capaldi filling the Doctor's shoes and TARDIS. I want his coat. Not sure if I could pull it off.

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