Sunday, August 03, 2014

People always seem to complain about the state of quality in modern movies. I counter that just because you've bought tickets to all four Transformers movies, doesn't mean that nobody is making good movies anymore. It just means that you likely aren't making the effort to seek out the great movies that don't make it to the multiplex.

Snowpiercer completely lives up to all the hype that you've heard about it. Or, if you haven't heard the hype, this new post apocalyptic environment sci-fi epic has been garnering spectacular praise from critics and fan-boys alike. I think that once it is all said and done, it will deservedly stand shoulder to shoulder with cult sci-fi classics the like of Blade Runner and Mad Max.

Catch Snowpiercer the next five nights at the Mayfair Theatre. If you aren't local to Ottawa and can't watch it with us, be sure to catch it in anyway you can. Big screen is always ideal, but be sure to support via VOD or watch it when it hits Netflix or buy the blu ray. These people deserve our money so they can make more awesome movies.

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