Sunday, June 03, 2012

We slept over in Utica and drove to nearby Rome, New York for a matinee bout of men's derby. Ever since men's derby has started creeping back to existence, I have jokingly opposed it. Men can't play derby! What's next, are they going to allow men to drive car's or vote!? It is interesting to see a sport try to gain ground from a male minority. Most of the time, people will see Hockey or Women's Hockey...Basketball or Women's Basketball, but with this it's Derby or Men's Derby.

In a strong girl power world of derby, now we find the player's supporting their male coaches and ref's in their quest to form teams. And the game Sunday afternoon was the first for The Slaughter Squad. They had a short bench and were preparing to battle against a more experienced team, but could tell that they were excited and raring to go...and or terrified...or both.

I was score-catching again, though up until the last minute I thought I was going to get to actually just sit and watch. As an aside, there were gumball machines there that fascinated and terrorized me. The prizes were necklaces featuring tiny brass knuckles, machine guns, grenades, or on the other end of the spectrum, a cross (which, well...I guess that's a torture device too, but people always neglect to remember that).

The men's game was a terrifying bloodbath. There were guys thrown out due to penalties and injured beyond ability to play before half-time. The ladies are definitely rough, but there seemed to be a lot more in the way of professionalism and respect between the teams. One guy hit the ground in a dog-pile, and I saw the anguish on his face right before someone mentioned fear of a dislocated spine. Luckily he was ok. There were also a couple of guys that might have been sweethearts in real life, but on the track looked like crab-fishermen ex-con's. I also noticed that every time a guy got a player he lost his mind. Maybe it's because the guys are all newer to the game, maybe it's a base different between guys and girls in the way they play sports. Someone smarter to me can figure that out I'm sure.

The game didn't even make it all the way through 'cause the Ottawa's team bench ran short. They celebrated their accomplishment in not being killed, and actually holding their own points wise for most the bout.

There's been a lot of peer pressure to get me in skates. After witnessing a men's game, I'm happy to stay on the sidelines. Sure playing derby would be cool, but it would also be cool to form a band or learn to fly helicopters, and I don't think I'm going to get around to any of those things any time soon. Not enough hours in the day. None the less, if you get a chance to see a men's game, do check it out, just be sure to stay in the safety of the bleachers to avoid the danger of spine dislocation.

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