Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tonight and tomorrow (June 20 & 21) at 9:15pm the Mayfair is invaded by The Raid: Redemption. I'm not exactly sure that this is even a movie per-say, what I do know is that it's whole new levels of over-the-top action packed good-vs-evil violence. I'm not even sure that I could explain what the title means. I don't seem to recall any of the characters being redeemed. To be fair I was pretty shell-shocked once all was said and done and the credits rolled, so in my mental ducking and dodgings from the onslaught of bottle-stabbings and guns-a-blazing death, I may have missed some subtlety of the plot.

It is a movie not to be missed if you enjoy the action genre. Just remember to wear a helmet and attach your seat-belts securely before the video game calibre insanity gets underway.

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