Wednesday, June 27, 2012

After listening to an episode of The Nerdist podcast recently, I stumbled on Chris Hardwick's audiobook The Nerdist Way: How to Reach the Next Level (In Real Life), which I found on library cart a little while ago. I'm familiar with Chris Hardwick via he being a frequent guest on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson the last couple years. While on the show, the two would mostly discuss only the most important of topics, such as Doctor Who.

I knew that Chris was in the midst of building a bit of a geek empire. He masterminds a podcast also called The Nerdist, and hosts a show about The Walking Dead. I hadn't listened to the podcast and don't like the Walking Dead, but none-the-less had a sense that this was an entertainer and host that I could easily fall in line with.

I didn't realize that this work wasn't just an autobiography, but is more along the lines of a geeky how-to / self-help guide for struggling geeks and nerds to learn from. I already work and get paid in nerdy like professions, I don't live in my mum's basement, and can hold a conversation in nerd and non-nerd topics alike. I even found a nerdy girl of my own to settle down with, one who Chris could easily hold a conversation with about all the wonders of Doctor Who. So, even though I wasn't in the market for some nerd recommended helpful life advice, I yet still found the book very entertaining and informative. It would in fact be a well worth researching for geeks looking for advice from one of their own, an equal who broke through to gain happiness and success and get paid to be a nerd for a living.

I enjoyed listening to Chris enough that as per my earlier stated plan, I'm now taking the first baby steps into marathoning through a couple years worth of Nerdists podcasts. My geek cred and nerd standing and knowledge will be even more staggering to behold after that.

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