Tuesday, June 12, 2012

At the excellent 2nd hand record shop Turning Point, I picked up the latest Tenacious D album titled Rize of the Fenix. I purchased it in the once popular compact disc format. Before the magic of pulling endless amounts of music out of thin air and putting it on a tiny pocket-sized magical electronic device, humans purchased discs or even audio tape containing music to bring home or put into their cars and listen to. I don't buy such things often, except for bands that I really love, the likes of Weezer, Gorillaz or of course Tenacious D.

I am so glad that the disastrous flop of a feature film did not destroy the awesome greatness that is Tenacious D. Flop does not necessarily equate to bad film of course, I thought the movie was one of the great modern musicals. One of my dreams is to get to see the D preform live, so I'm relieved that lacklustre box office receipts did not equal retirement and walking into the sunset for the comedic rock and roll powerhouse duo. Hopefully Jack Black's acting work on such cinematic milestones as The Holiday, Gulliver's Travels and Year One won't keep the band away from us for another much too long six year hiatus.

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