Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Late to the game in making mention of this comic, think it was released about three weeks ago. I'm playing catch up on pretty much every aspect of entertainment in my life, especially when it comes to comic book reading. I'm pretty sure if I could just sit and read and do nothing else for the rest of my life I still wouldn't get around to reading all the comic out there that I want to read. So in a world where there's a whole bunch of movies and tv shows and novels I want to read too, it's a losing battle all the way.

Plus, they keep on coming out with new comics I want to read. This latest offering from DC Comics New 52 line reveals the secret origin of an alternate universe Huntress and Power Girl. The story is definitely interesting enough, not sure how much I want to mention without playing spoiler. What I can mention for the comic book knowledgeable is that this Earth 2 has Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman standing at centre stage instead of the classic World War II hero's like Flash and Green Lantern.

Our central characters get trapped in the New 52 universe after a great disaster, and take up the moniker's of Huntress and Power Girl. World's Finest is traditionally recognized as a Superman / Batman series, or many years later Robin and Superboy, so having a Bat and Super family character starring in the book fits with tradition while still putting a new spin on it.

The book comes from writer Paul Levitz and artists George Perez and Kevin Mauire, all accomplished DC veterans. Levitz wrote the legendary Darkness Saga story-arc in Legion of Super-Heroes, George Perez drew the universe smashing Crisis on Infinite Earths, and Kevin Maguire drew the Giffen / DeMatteis era of Justice League which I love so much. Quite an impressive trio to have on a single book.

Huntress I can take or leave, but I have always been a fan of Power Girl. And not just because she is a buxom statuesque amazonian blonde bombshell...I actually like the character...really. So she was the biggest hole in the New 52 line-up for me, since she disappeared after the universe reboot. I'm glad to get her back, hopeful that this will turn out to be a worthwhile series to pick up, and will try to get over how much I hate her new costume. Her famous non-chest logo outfit was iconic, her new costume looks over-produced with an immensely poorly designed logo. But if one complains about that aspect, it's hard not to sound like you're a sad fan-boy complaining because they covered up her breasts. I'm fairly confident that it's not just that she's more conservatively attired now though, but that I dislike the whole over-all outfit. I will try and get past that, and if I get too upset I'll always have my Adam Hughes designed Power Girl statue to look at instead.

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