Friday, May 25, 2012

The advent of Kickstarter and other similar type fundraising tools is an amazing thing. When you are an artist or have a business venture in mind or a charitable quest you want to undertake, the hardest part and biggest distraction is that raisin money is more than a full time job in itself. Websites like these that give someone a focal point to give attention to their cause, and allows a person interested in helping donate even the smallest cash amount with ease. You might not know someone who can give you $40,00...but maybe there are half that amount of folks all over the planet who could send in $2 each via the magic of Paypal.

A Kickstarter project that I recently chipped in for just gained it's goal thanks to an excellent last minute push. Actually, not only did hopes of raising $75,000 to produce a movie on the topic of The New Beverly Cinema titled Out of Print come to be, they ended up raising $81,570. It's amazing that 859 people, most of them strangers I'm sure, will all pitch in to help a young woman realize her filmmaking dream. With so much evil and sloth inducing distraction on the interwebs, it's nice to see it being used as a source of good.

I look forward to seeing her final project, and have a feeling that that viewing will very likely happen at the Mayfair (a place that will also be making use of similar type of fundraising means in the near future).

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